Established in Miami in 2015, Laroche Rivas Contemporary Art represents a group of artists, both emerging and established, who share our aesthetic and views of Activism through Art. The artists are each engaged in social, environmental or women’s projects, and donate proceeds of their sales to furthering awareness and promoting social change. 


Started as an Art Management and Consulting firm, we have developed a collector base, who also see the power in art to bring about change. Together, we work on building collections to support artists on their mission.


Curated exhibitions and special projects have a strong focus on Social and Environmental activism. With a nomadic format, the space and location of our exhibitions are selected for how it suits the project. Many of which are focused on Artists of Color and Women Artists, such as the initiative Buy Art from Living Women Artists. Exhibitions and projects are concept driven, and follow the gallery’s clean aesthetic with a focus on natural and manufactured geometries. 


Following this concept, much of 2019 was spent on curatorial research, and the selection of artists who see their artistic practice as activism. Plans are to open a permanent space, as a hub for free thinking, artivism and cultural exchange. With the rise of COVID-19 delaying our physical gatherings, we start this next chapter digitally as we continue the pressing dialogue around social inequalities.



The gallery is lead by Liana Rivas,  a graduate in International Affairs from The George Washington University who after working as a journalist  at the OAS in Washington DC, pursued a Master Degree in Woman’s Study at the University of Connecticut.  In 2002, after moving to Miami, she became the director of Latin Collector Miami, a Tribeca based gallery.  From 2008 to 2014 she worked as an art advisor and art management consultant in partnership with BPart Collection Management in NY.   Since 2016, she has worked as gallery manager for Pinta Miami, BAphoto and PArc, Peru and on the projects of the Gallery.



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