André Cypriano

Cultures of Resistance Fims by Iara Lee

André Cypriano: Guns & Slums Photographer (BRAZIL)

A Brazilian photographer reveals the humanity of those living in his country’s largest slum, provoking us to look deeper at the roots of the drug trade and urban violence.

The sprawling slums of Brazil—known as favelas—are often portrayed as lawless havens populated by violent criminals. There are not many journalists or artists who have devoted their work to finding out what is actually happening within these marginalized spaces. Photographer Andre Cypriano is an exception. A native of Brazil, Cypriano has studied some of the world’s biggest slums, including the famous Rocinha shantytown in Rio de Janeiro. Armed with only his camera, he reveals the humanity of those who have made lives amid precarious circumstances. This short film follows the photographer into the favelas and shows Cypriano's faith in the power of his medium. As the artist says, “Photography is a weapon; it’s transformative. It’s capable of things that real weapons cannot do.”

Rocks of Imagination

Plywood BLM NYC by André Cypriano

André Cypriano: " PLaywod BLM NYC "

Music "White Nile" by Kelan Phil Cohran and Legacy.

Thank you to all the activists and artists for sharing your plywood messages.

New York City was the site of several protests against the killing of George Floyd, with demonstrations taking place all over the city. Most of the Black Lives Matter events were peaceful, while some involved protester and police violence, as well as looting. As a result, Manhattan turned into a "plywood city". Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the city was put under a curfew for one week. The protests demanded efforts at police reform, leading to the criminalization of chokeholds during arrests and other legislation. The portfolio "Plywood BLM NYC" was photographed during the month of June, 2020. It consists of 460 selected images. It was first intended to make a record of how plywood, as a geometric element with its texture and tonalities, works as visual art over the city. But I soon realize that it was also a historical moment to photo document how the plywood was used as canvas for activists and artists to publicly express their message.

André Cyprianonos Encontros Fotoweb by Roberto Cecato

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