18. Eliseu Cavalcante, Redemption, 2020,

Eliseu Cavalcante



Eliseu  Cavalcante is a photographer, who through his work, he takes on the role of sociologist and reporter. His process starts with the recognition of a problem that needs to be addressed or a story that needs to be told. Through research and engagement, he starts the documentation process. Through his images he aims to raise awareness and promote change around social or environmental issues. The documentation process reflects his passion for street photography, at its most raw form, unstaged, without the use of artificial lighting.

19. Eliseu Cavalcante, Camisa, 2020, Ed
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Eliseu Cavalcante's project Natutama, took him on a 2,500-mile journey by riverboat down the length of the Amazon River and its tributaries to capture the life of the people who live on its shores. He shed out on the development issues around the growing population of the region. In his hometown of RIo de Janeiro, he raised awareness to sanitation issues just before the city hosted the World Cup in 2014 with his photographs and publication of Come for the World Cup, Swim with the feces. Eliseu projects focus on the hardships faced by economic and social disparity. 


As his work evolved through the years, sound, video and projections were incorporated to bring the viewer closer to the subjects photographed. For Eliseu, capturing moments has the power to transport people to a different place and time. His work is  about bringing the unknown to  those who could not be part of that specific time in space. He works around the premise that people can be moved to action if they are educated and aware of social injustices. By highlighting inequalities he demonstrates that environmental issues can not be solved unless they are remedied alongside social issues.