18. Eliseu Cavalcante, Redemption, 2020,

Eliseu Cavalcante



Eliseu Cavalcante is a Brazilian-American photographer, whose work focuses on cultural differences, environmental issues and social change. 


As an activist, Cavalcante’s articles about the Amazon and Environmental issues have been featured in publications such as the Words Without Borders Magazine, Revista Isto E, Brazil, Al Jazeera America, The Global Post and The New York Times. 

His work exposing the sanitation and water quality issues of Guanabara Bay prior to the Olympics in Brazil alerted environmental agencies worldwide. He travels internationally to lecture about the Environment and the Endangered Ecosystem. 

 His photographs are on permanent display at Espasso in Tribeca, NY, and he has exhibited at the Americas Society and at the Yard, NY.  


In his latest project Ser Manguezal / Being Mangrove, Cavalcante examines the daily job of those who depend on mangroves to survive. Inspired by Josué de Castro's book "Of Men and Crabs" from 1967, in  which Castro envions men as crabs learning how to walk in the muddy mangrove roots. Eliseu depicts these men as they blend in with the mangrove, imagining them transforming into the mangrove roots, the crabs, and the mud. The ongoing photography project 

examines the delicate relationship between humans and this particular

ecosystem. A part of the project's proceeds are donated to the Being Mangrove Project, providing the community with new boats and tools for digging. 


He currently lives and works in NYC. 

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