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Evelyn Politzer


Evelyn Politzer developed her passion for Fiber Art at a very young age. For her, creating with wool was a natural choice, as in her native country of Uruguay, the number of sheep far exceeds the number of inhabitants. In a natural transition her initial tapestries and knitting projects were followed by quilting, free style embroidery, yarn bombing and installations, in an ever-evolving fiber path.                

After graduating with a B.A. in Law in Montevideo, Uruguay and moving to the United States, she pursued her passion for art and creating. She attended Parsons School of Design in NYC to fulfill a creative side. Now in 2020, Politzer is a candidate for MFA in Visual Arts from Miami  International University of Art and Design.                       

Politzer harnesses her artmaking as a practice of consciousness and meditation for the mind. This allows her to work responsively with natural fibers, which also seem to have a mind of their own. Tuning into this connection, she allows the material to bring themselves into the artform.    

She lives and works in Miami, Florida. 

PORTRAIT Evelyn Politzer. Fiber Luminair
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