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Frida Baranek



Frida Baranek’s practice is driven by a fascination exerted by the exploration and will to subvert materials used by industry.  From her training as an architect and industrial designer, she always keeps intact the interest for structural materials to allow her to construct and sometimes deconstruct. 


The sense of gravity and strength is underscored since the beginning of her career. This force is sometimes physical or  just a symbolic expression, but the new poetic relationships created by the assemblages in the sculptures and works on paper explore the intensity of the body and its unsettling interiority. 


Baranek has used accumulations of continued lines, generally curved, to express life’s entanglement, the interlace of art and life. These sometimes elegant or dense lines, drawn in space, are an expression of her memories, ideas, feelings or history. 

12_Frida Baranek, Coluna barulhenta,1990
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